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Webtools has been optimizing websites for fifteen years! We continually update our winning approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that has gained high, stable search engine rankings for our clients over the years. Strategies developed by our lead expert, mathematician Natalie Peregudova, PhD, have resulted in increased traffic, leads and income for our clients.

Webtools reverse-engineers the algorithms behind Google, Yahoo, Bing & AOL results and constantly finds new ways to promote its clients’ websites while adhering to search engines’ guidelines. We first analyze your website and compare it to your main competitors as well as research and find effective, popular search terms to initially focus on. We then prepare a detailed SEO plan that includes on page optimization, new/improved content, link building strategy, structure and internal linking changes, and other secret elements. By implementing the plan, we will achieve top placements on the first page of results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL. For example, search Google for "Skin Tightening System" and see how our client www.Pelleve.com globally ranks well on the first results page.

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