Online Advertising - PPC & Display

Online ad campaign can allow you to immediately increase revenue by finding new customers or it can be used to build awareness and strengthen your brand.

PPC Ads – Catch Your Customer at Decision Making Points

Webtools creates, manages, and tracks the performance of targeted pay-per-click advertising campaigns while keeping cost per action (lead, purchase) at a minimum. The power and flexibility of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is to expose your brand to potential customers at the moment they are looking for it. Unlike other types of media such as newspapers that “push” ads to people who are not interested necessarily in that product or service right now, PPC ads are only seen when a potential customer “pulls” the information.

Display Ads (banners)

In addition, Webtools designs ads, buys media, publishes and tracks the performance of display ad campaigns across the main advertising networks for clients who wish to build an image or increase awareness among specific audiences. We can work with you on setting up a budget and defining where to display the ads, your target audience’s demographics and psychographics, and the websites in which the ads will be shown.

Tracking Results

We often help clients to set up or utilize tracking systems that identify the source of each phone call, email inquiry, online purchase or a live chat with a staff member. Based on this data, along with information we collect on each ad campaign and the behavior of website visitors, we will compile customized reports and analyze performance, providing you with a simple & effective way to assess the effectiveness of each online marketing channel and make adjustments to continuously improve business results.