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Webtools provides a wide range of e-commerce solutions which can interact with other information systems in your business. Our experts will brainstorm with you and recommend an existing e-commerce platform that matches your needs and budget, including the option of building a custom made system for you. A complete package usually includes the following components:

  • Product Management System - allowing you to add/edit/remove product categories; within a category, you can add new products, including a thumbnail and full size photo, product name, description (using a Word-like styling tool) and price. You can also create coupons and discounts and apply them to some/all products. The system will record all orders, allow you to add shipping information, and generate automated emails if needed.
  • Shopping Cart Mechanism - we use existing platforms or develop custom applications, allowing the integration of payment gateway, SSL encrypted transactions and saving information into a database.
  • Marketing Tools - can be built into the system, sending automated responses to new and existing customers. We can create a layout for e-blasts to send out to a dynamic database of potential and existing customers. We can also help you to define, based on our experience, a system of automated emails that will be sent to potential customers to increase conversion rates.

Our experts will help you to set up, test and maintain a system that will enable you to sell products or services online. Contact us now to get started!

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