Digital Campaign Management

Media Planning

  • Determine the target audience with the client.
  • Our media planners work closely with creative teams & account managers to maximize measurable results from your budget.
  • Design & Develop creatives such as banners, print outs, videos, posters and more for our campaigns.

Media Buying

  • Use our relationships with our publisher networks to negotiate an affordable price for our clients to maximize our exposure and leads.
  • Constant negotiations, identifying efficient media outlets for your audience.

Campaign Tracking System

  • Proprietary system is connected in real-time with top ad networks, allowing us to take advantage of lower bid prices, compare results across networks and adjust the campaigns
  • Monthly reports by the system allow our clients to understand the performance of each channel and leads back to their origin.
  • The result: faster decision making process and the ability to quickly change course if needed.